Davis Ballard

Freelance Strategist - Los Angeles, CA

Simply put, I'm a freelance strategist by day (JUMBO) and a music man by night (Parang Recordings) (Rainbow Jeremy FM). Having created my first website at 10 and my first paid strategy at 17, I'm a proud lifelong generalist that tackles creative problem solving with style and gusto.



I've created everything from digital strategies for Fortune 500 healthcare companies to experiential strategies stimulating $60K of ticket sales before graduation. I use my diverse experience in healthcare, digital, and left-field curiosities to create strategies fresher than a green banana.

Strategy & Consulting

content strategy

Digital Strategy


digital strategy

Digital Strategy

DIGITAL consulting





Creating brands has been a lifelong passion of mine – you're in control of everything from the logo to the clients and positioning. This creative business experience enables me to create vibrant strategies that bridge the divide between insight and execution.



Brand Strategy
Digital Strategy

Research & Insights
Content Creation
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 I am a voracious learner,
a persistant questioner,
a low ego grinder,
a client whisperer,
a militant listener,
a search engine sage,
a proud black sheep,
an invaluable collaborator.



Over the past decade I've danced in all sorts of mediums and verticals finally settling in strategy. I enjoy painting with all the colors of the modern marketing palette and take pride in creating unique solutions for each project.

2018 - Present

Founder, Freelance Strategist

Venice, CA

After years of creating and strategizing, it was time to create a strategy and consultancy group. At JUMBO we focus on improving customers' lives through empathetic experiences to create an army of brand advocates. No competitor is safe, no medium out of play.

2018 - Present

Founder, Music Curator

Venice, CA

Moving back to the West Coast after 14 years out East brought back my love for dusty soul, jazz, reggae and other sonic obscurities. The answer was creating something I could add to daily and that fit my every mood just by pressing play. I wanted something alien yet familiar, controlled yet spontaneous, out came Rainbow Jeremy FM.



2014 - Present

Co-founder, Creative Director

Brooklyn, NY

What happens when three friends want to hear different music and expose new talent? They start a vinyl label. Among other things, I created the complete brand identity for Parang from the name to the logo and directed the creative for all four sold out releases. In 2017 we secured a distribution deal with Subwax BCN, one of the premier tastemakers in the underground house & techno scene.


2014 - 2018

Co-founder, Marketing Director

Brooklyn, NY

In 2014 Google got much smarter. It went from a game of growth hacks to "content is king", Gurus NYC was our response. I co-founded Gurus NYC with a new friend who had made half a million in digital marketing before he turned 18. We combined our talents to turn Gurus NYC from an idea to a A-Z digital marketing agency that served some of the biggest names in healthcare and non-profits.



Associate Creative Director

New York, NY

After testing out the music industry I was seduced into the startup world where I was hired as an associate creative director at Factory Floor, a technology incubator in Soho. Being the youngest member of the team by over 10 years I was able to learn from co-workers who managed campaigns for Google, Apple, Nike, Coke & Motorola while in management roles at top shops such as Ogilvy, Edelman, MTV, Time. During my time at FF I created everything from graphics to content to IOS wireframes to brand identities.


Agent, Digital Marketing & Outreach

New York, NY

My dreams of working in music came true when I was hired as a jack of all trades at talent agency World War Trading Co. While at World War Trading Co, I signed two artists, created their blog, managed their website, and distributed email marketing campaigns which reached over 100,000 music industry professionals each week.

2009 - 2013

Bachelors, Film Studies

Boston, MA

2009 - 2013

Founder, Immersive Events

Boston, MA

After cutting my teeth DJing, I saw an opportunity to continue my marketing, throw some events, and make some money. I partnered with a local promoter to finance the parties while I managed everything else, selling tickets, promoting & branding the events and finally DJing them start to close. We grossed $60k in under four years.

2007 - 2011

Founder, PR & Outreach

Boston, MA

Looking to soak up experience from a seasoned DJ, I founded my first company to promote interviews for an XM radio host in Boston. I edited and promoted Youtube videos gaining 1 million views for clients and helped launch Mass Movement Radio which featured guests including Kanye West, Diplo, Moby, Russell Brand, and Lady Gaga.

2005 - 2009

The Roxury Latin School

Boston, MA




San Diego, CA